Summer Quest

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These links were submitted during the ACPL Summer Quest Program, 2013. Click here to submit something of your own.
Leah Armstrong
I Love You
Cole And Brooke Clements
The Hunger Games
Pamela Chen
The Fault in Our Stars
Alexi Jetmore
Warriors-Forest of Secrets ~book Promo~
Alexi Jetmore
Warriors Book Trailer
Brynn and Ian Devine
Popular Books of 2012-2013 Paroddy and Mashup
Zoë Berg
Bright Young Things book trailer
Alexi Jetmore
Survivors Book Trailer
Zoe Berg
The Selection Book Trailer
Annelise Siffer
The Words
Leah Rich
ACPL Doctor Who- The Study + An Exclusive Video
Jonathan Schlegel
Piano composition
brianna gump
duck tape art work
bradley gieseking
bradley gieseking
Middle East
Zoë Berg
Red Riding Hood book trailer